Here you will find the best advice for your first financing appointment. In this way we can define your goals and wishes.


I accompany you in the implementation of your projects and am your contact partner when it comes to solutions in financing planning.


In cooperation with the German market leader in the field of Euribor loans, I offer you flexible solutions and secure advantages.


A residual debt is still present in most real estate financings after the fixed interest period and requires follow-up financing.


The premium service for private real estate sellers, real estate agents and property developers.


If you want to build or buy your home in the near future, we recommend from today's perspective a long-term fixing of interest rates.

Our Services for you

This includes an inventory analysis that takes 2-3 hours on average.

The following points will be summarized with you. (The recording of your personal data, the recording of the real estate data as well as the determination of the total costs of your project, such as the purchase price, the production costs, other ancillary costs such as land transfer tax, notary costs, land register costs, broker's commission, interest during construction and possible subsidies). The inclusion of your personal wishes in the financing will of course be taken into account.

We will then determine the assets at your disposal. (Equity capital such as cash, money from building saving contracts, Riester contracts, surrender values from insurance, investment funds, etc.) Then follows an assessment of your income and expenditure situation. (What amount is available to you monthly for the sustainable repayment of your real estate financing? The examination of your financing requirements. From this the further procedure and the listing of the documents which can be needed and the discussion of the temporal framework follow.

Concept development

Your financing concept will now be tailored to your needs. This preparation takes on average 5-12 hours.

Here, your wishes and your current life situation are also incorporated into the concept. With the confidential self-disclosure and the financing concept, we approach the banks that are suitable for your financing and receive the first offers. We also prepare offers via multi-bank platforms. We compare all financing offers, work out our recommendations and explain the points of the financing concept to you. On this basis, we discuss the loan formalities and the time schedule for signing the loan agreement (e.g. notary appointment within the revocation obligation).


The next step is to prepare the application for the loan agreements. This takes 2-3 hours on average. After receiving the contracts, we check their content, check whether they are all registered as agreed and applied for. You will receive the original loan agreements for yourself to check and for your records.

If everything is OK, the Sign the contract. This takes about 1-4 hours.

The loan agreements can be signed at your home, at our office or at the local bank - always together.


In addition to our service, we also offer you further support. If you wish, we can accompany you to the notary's appointment and also look after you until the last loan instalment (as life circumstances can change at any time).

The fixed interest rate of your financing expires?

We have been in conversation for a long time and inform you monthly about the development of interest rates (interest rate consulting). Due to the favourable development of interest rates, we have recommended that you refrain from taking out a forward loan and are now helping you with follow-up financing or debt rescheduling by negotiating with the current bank. We have recommended a forward loan to you due to the rising interest rate development and are now taking care of debt rescheduling. You are thinking about selling your property and are looking for competent contacts. No matter in which direction it goes, we are there for you as long as you would like to make use of our help.

My Core Competence


André Berger

Owner & Managing Director

My name is André Berger. I was born in 1974 and have been working in the industry since 25 years
Customers appreciate my detailed and personal advice. Your satisfaction is close to my heart. This is the only way to create a trusting basis that guarantees long-term cooperation. In connection with this I offer you an "all-round carefree package" and look after you as long as you wish. I help, support and look after you according to your wishes. The motto of promereo® - financing is "independent I fair I better".

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